Repair & Refit

Refit & Repair

Maintaining our
world-class reputation


Many of the world’s most complex repairs and refits have been successfully completed by our highly skilled engineers. In particular, we have specialist experience in the modification and maintenance of superyachts.

Occupying one of the largest dockyards in Europe, we operate some of the world’s most sophisticated ship repair and refit equipment. We find solutions to improve a vessel’s aesthetic appearance, raise its class, boost its technical excellence and preserve its value. We also provide post delivery support and life cycle programmes. Crucially, repair and refit skills are inter-changeable with new-build expertise.

Our varied and extensive maintenance experience supports our ‘Faster Delivery’ promise. We work to strict deadlines with many projects as commercial vessels such as cruise ships must return to service on the exact day promised to avoid loss of revenue. Our refit and repair mindset gives us the ability to think quickly and overcome issues as they arise.

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